SOFT PLASTICS - 2.45" Pulse-R Paddle Tail

2.45" Pulse-R Paddle TailYour prescription strength “cure” for slow fishing!

"The new 3.0 Moxie, which is 3" long, and the new 2.45 Pulse-R, which comes in at 2.45", will fill a demand our customers have been sharing with us since the first Authent-X plastics were released 3 years ago" says Bob Gillispie, owner of B FISH N Tackle Co. On the river and in stained water the larger sized Moxie and Pulse-R has been a dynamite big-fish producer and our customers were telling us that a slightly smaller offering would be just the ticket in lakes, clear water or any time the fish were in a more lethargic mood.

"The whole idea behind the smaller body sizes comes down to producing a bait that has a smaller profile and similar action with a little less vibration or thump as the bait moves through the water without getting away from the characteristics that make the Authent-X line of plastics so incredibly effective" said James Holst. What we didn't want to do was put out a bait that wouldn't have great action and movement at slow speeds. That one trait has been the trademark of the larger Moxie and Pulse-R and we weren't going to release a smaller version that didn't work as well or better than the original. Holst had this to add when questioned about when and where to use these new smaller plastics. "I think we're going to see these great baits used more in lakes with clear water and at times when the fish might be a little less aggressive or when they're keyed in on smaller forage. Everyone thinks of the Moxie and Pulse-R as a walleye or bass bait but I'm telling you we're going to see some huge crappies caught as well!"

2.45" Pulse-R Paddle Tail
$3.69 - 8 Ct.
$6.80 - 16 Ct.
$26.00 - 64 Ct.
$36.50 - 96 Ct.


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