SOFT PLASTICS - 3.25" Pulse-R Paddle Tail

3.25" Pulse-R Paddle TailYour prescription strength “cure” for slow fishing!

From the moment the first lure maker molded a paddle shaped tail onto a minnow imitating body the swimbait crazy was destined to change the way anglers across the country chased their favorites fish species.  Initially designed and intended as a bass lure this new breed of baits with its hyper-active hind parts proved its worth by winning tournaments coast to coast while anglers with their sights set on targets with teeth, like muskie, northern pike and walleye, all clamored to lay their hands on this new breed of baits.

And under the right conditions, when the target species was active enough to respond to the fast paced presentations needed to activate the paddletail on these "bass style" swimbaits, this new breed of lures produced big fish.  And lots of them.

"I pride myself on listening to my customers and what I heard over and over again from anglers was that bass style swimsuits just didn't fish well at ultra-slow speeds" said Bob Gillispie, owner of B FISH N Tackle Co.  These same baits that worked so well in a fast paced "cast and retrieve" presentation offered little in terms of subtle tail or body movement when moved at a crawl.  And that's where B FISH N Tackle Co.'s AuthentX line of plastics, anchored by the 4" Moxi released in 2011, is intended to set themselves apart from other plastics on the market.

"So I wanted to do something different.  I saw the need for a new paddletail style bait that wouldn't be designed for a specific species. Instead it would be designed to come alive when fished slowly, a situation where similar baits struggled, and produce the body and tail movement other baits lacked" stated Gillispie when asked about the concept behind the Pulse-R.

When asked about the design process, Bob Gillispie had this to share. "When it comes to taking ideas and making them a reality, James Holst is a guy I've come to trust and rely on for his ability to come up with innovative designs that flat out catch fish."  Most know James as the host of In-Depth Outdoors TV show but before he started spending his time in front of a camera he was a full-time fishing guide that spent thousands of hours mastering the art of catching big walleye in cold water fishing plastics.  "Holst was the mastermind behind the design of our AuthentX 4" Moxi that has been such a huge success for B FISH N Tackle Co. and I had all the confidence in the world he could hit another home run with the concept behind the Pulse-R"

"I absolutely love the tinkering and testing that goes into the design process of a new bait and I felt I had a good handle on what Bob was trying to accomplish" said Holst when asked about his experience creating the Pulse-R. But creating a swimbait style bait was going to be a bit of a challenge.  Obviously, any time you have a big tail at the rear of a bait it is going to take water flow across that tail to make it move.  And typically that flow is created when the angler retrieves the lure quickly through the water. The trick was going to be in finding a way to make a big paddle tail twitch and wiggle seductively when fished slowly.

When asked if he felt the project was a success James had this to share…"After a summer of testing, tweaking and endless modifications I think we nailed it!  The tail on this bait flat out does things I've never seen out of any other design.  The bottom of the tail turns 180' so it is at the top all the while the tail is swinging out to the side before repeating in the opposite direction.  It really is something to see.  And it all happens when fished at an absolute crawl.  This bait is going to be the undoing of some BIG fish for my boat!"

The 3,25” Pulse-R is available in 12 of the most proven fish catching colors based upon the data from countless hours of on-the-water R&D done over the past 18 months during the development of this bait.

Your prescription strength “cure” for slow fishing!

3.25" Pulse-R Paddle Tail
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