Your prescription strength “cure” for slow fishing is
now available over the counter... B FISH N Tackle’s 4” Moxi!

4 inch Moxi TailsFor decades thin profile plastics have quietly produced numbers of oversized walleyes for tight lipped anglers on lakes and rivers across the midwest. When you could get one of these secretive trophy hunters to share some of the tricks employed to consistently catch 10, 11, 12 and even 14# walleyes on plastics one common theme kept coming to the forefront... while incredibly effective it took a veritable arsenal of soft plastics in a vast array of sizes and shapes to consistently put fish in the boat. “The fish want one style soft plastics at night and a completely different style during the day. If you run into falling water temps or a cold front all bets are off and the fish will want a third style. Dirty water requires yet another offering. And on and on it goes as the conditions change,” states James Holst, well know Mississippi River fishing guide known for putting clients on oversized walleyes. “What was needed was someone to start from the ground up and design a soft plastic that would work in a variety of conditions so anglers could spend less time messing with bait selection and more time actually fishing."

“As the guy that answers the phone and talks to the customers at B FISH N Tackle I get a lot of feedback and suggestions for product improvements from anglers” says Bob Gillispie, owner of B FISH N Tackle located in Coralville, IA. “That’s when the idea for a new line of AuthentX soft plastics was born. I wanted to do away with so much of the smoke and mirrors that catches more fisherman than fish and focus on producing a thin profile bait that would produce under a wide variety of conditions.”

We created a soft plastic bait like no other on the market. If has a thin profile, yet a beefy belly and a longer tail that will "thump" so loud the fish have to check it out.

The 4" Moxi is available in 18 of the most proven fish catching colors based upon the data from countless hours of on-the-water R&D done over the past 18 months during the development of this bait.

Your prescription strength “cure” for slow fishing!

4" Moxi
$3.69 - 8 Ct.
$6.80 - 16 Ct.
$26.00 - 64 Ct.
$36.50 - 96 Ct.


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Authentix 4" Moxi Ringle
101 - Chart Orange Core
Authentix 4" Moxi Ringle
102 - Chart Green Core

Authentix 4" Moxi Ringle
104 - Chart Silver Flake White Core
Authentix 4" Moxi Ringle
105 - Purple/Chart Tail

Authentix 4" Moxi Ringle
116 - Chart Pepper
Authentix 4" Moxi Ringle
118 - Stewarts Pro-Blue

Authentix 4" Moxi Ringle
120 - Firecracker
Authentix 4" Moxi Ringle
124 - Oystershell

Authentix 4" Moxi Ringle
133 - Firecracker/Chart Tail

Authentix 4" Moxi Ringle
140 - Goldcracker/Chart Tail

Authentix 4" Moxi Ringle
141 - PurpleCracker/Chart Tail
Authentix 4" Moxi Ringle
142 - Great White

143 - Dark Night

144 - Pink/White

145 - Honey Oil Glitter/Chart Tail

146 - Sassafras

147 - Peanut Butter & Jelly

148 - Purple Glitter White Core

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